SBS Agerhønen


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I believe the name is Danish for "Buggy As Shit".

hook - TFS 2305 #4
thread - UTC 140 grey brown
underbody - non-tox .020
tail - grizzly hen
body - Ice Dub hare's ear
hackle - brown partridge

mash barb, wrap front 2/3 of shank with non-tox; start thread/wrap to bend

measure (gap width past bend) some grizzly hen (this stuff is something between marabou and hackle tip), or use marabou; tie in/trim

dub thread/dub rear 1/3 of shank

tie in partridge by tip; wrap, tie off/trim


and again; whip finish

rough it up a bit


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Jim Ficklin

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THAT is indeed appropriately-named, Scott! I can think of a variety of applications for that particular recipe. Thanks for posting.
I'd replaced that body with chartreuse and pitch it at coho on the beach. I'm very inspired by many of these Scandinavian sea trout patterns. Many are krill imitations which is exactly one of the primary food sources around here for coho and SR cutthroat.


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I love the look of this fly and decided to try some with the materials I have. I started with a different hook, grizzly hackle, progressed to pheasant, and ended up with a grizzly tail, pheasant hackle body, with a tungsten bead head and rubber legs. Mine don't look as buggy as Scott's but I think they will work for browns in Chile. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

This first photo is the progression of flies I tied.

549929E0-3DFC-46F4-92ED-69F9C9FAB5C2.jpeg 9F064E5E-BFCC-47C7-9FF4-6887B52D7BAA.jpeg
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