WTB Light to Moderately used lines for my two-hander

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I have a 6 weight, 10'6" Redington CPX Switch, and I'm looking to figure out what lines I like best on it. At full retail that's a challenge. I've got a 350 grain Skagit and a WF-8-F. A Scandi, Switch line or something like a Rio Chucker would be great if the price is right.
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CPX as edited above.

This is what George Cook says with what to line up the CPX (this is info, so those lines are that vintage, from the time when the CPX came out):

CPX10664 10’6” Line Weight 6

Trout, Puget Sound Beaches, Small Anadromous use.

  • Line Match: AFS 5/6, Skagit Short 325, Steelhead Scandi 350, Skagit Flight 350, WindCutter 5/6, Switch Line 5/6

  • M.O.W. Match: Light/T-8

  • Sink Tip: AFS/SH Scandi-6’ & 10’ Rio Spey VersiLeaders all types. 15’ 109 grain type 3, 6 and 8 (Skagit’s)

  • Reel Match: Redington Rise 9/10, Sage 4580, Sage 2080, Sage 4280
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