Sage GFL 10160-3B Price

Hey everyone first post here,

I purchased a sage GFL 10160-3B (16' 10wt) from a guy who had been custom building rods for some time. It is in excellent condition, not even sure if it was fished before I bought it. I have fished it a couple of times and just don' have a place in my arsenal for it right now. The cork is colored from the couple times I have used it but other than that the rod is a 10/10. My question is what is a fair price to be asking for it? I purchased it for $175.



Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
Hmmmmm. Not quite sure. This is a great rod if you want to throw a long belly line. First 2 hander I ever used was this length and line weight. Threw a 10wt DT salmon line on it. Not sure on the demand on the longer/heavier rods.

You figure out a price I may be interested. Been thinking of going back to my roots and throwing a long belly again.
I think the rod is worth around $300.00 The trouble is finding the right buyer. This is sort of a niche market anymore. Nothing wrong with these particular rods as such, but they have been eclipsed by the offerings from CND, Bruce and Walker, Gaelforce etc. The $175.00 you paid for it is probably pretty realistic.
I'd have to agree that you pretty much got what you paid for. There's not much call for 16' rods and a 10 wt seems a might heavy for anything around here. I've had two 15', 10 wt and got rid of them for a couple of reasons. First, it was very difficult to find a reel that balanced very close and second, when I did, the swing weight of the rod was so heavy that I got really tired fishing them.:( Of course, I'm 70 years old and the body doesn't react well to that kind of punishment. I stick to a 14' , 9 wt with a long belly line now when I want to fish big.

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