Some SRC moving away from estuaries

Had a good day fishing for resident silvers and on the way back to the boat ramp checked out a prime SRC area. Found a mile of shoreline where there were pods of SRC on the move chasing after chum fry as they were starting their journey to the ocean. The nearest estuary(Nov. Fall chum run) was about 3 miles away so it looks like the SRC are starting spread out into the Sound. It is getting to be that time of year to checkout your favorite SRC haunts.

Sometimes there were 6-8 nice sized SRC slashing on the surface after the chum fry. It was pretty exciting to watch all the surface activity as groups of fry moved with the outgoing tide with the SRC in hot pursuit. If the action was close by, you could see the aproximately 1 1/4 inch chum fry come flying out of the water. Caught some nice sized SRC.


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Mr. Stephens, (or anyone)

I notice on a Canadian site that people are talking about the cutties dropping out of the Harrison and into the mainstem Fraser. Does it seem like the timing is later up there, or is it that that the Fraser is to the Harrison as the sound is to river you are referring to?

In other words is the Fraser acting like the estuary for the Harrison? Just wondering your thoughts on that as I see a lot of chatter about the guys to the north getting antsy for Cutties on the Harrison. They note that at the moment (10-14 days ago) the mainstem Fraser had more smolts than were showing up in the Harrison but the locals expect the smolts to start dropping out of the lake into the Harrison soon.
How were the water conditions today? Seems that the past week or so has been a bad combination of wind and tides to where its almost been off the radar screen as far as going out on the salt water. Took look at some Hood Canal haunts the other day, but little to show for my efforts. Sounds like you were enjoying a fine day.



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I was driving through Purdy on Friday and saw a fish clear the water by the bridge. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to stop then. I don't think it was high tide or anything like that--just ebbing. I wonder if SRC's might congragate there to catch food pumped out of the estuary upstream of the bridge. :confused: I think I was scooting through sometime before noon.


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got one nice one yesterday on hood canal... about 19 inches, and skinny... that fish is going to be a a lot thicker when i see him next.

Was able to get out on Puget Sound twice last week with the winds being okay Thurs.(light and variable) and bearable(10-15mph morning and 0-5 mph afternoon). So much of the Sound and Hood Canal are oriented in the same direction as the prevailing north/south winds that it can be difficult find areas that out of the wind. The back side of islands or narrow east/west passages provide some relief but it limits the areas that you can fish.

If the predicted winds are 10 to 15 mph, I won't go out(casting and boat ride are not pleasant) on the Sound. That is unless I really have the itch to get after some silvers or SRC and then I would fish some areas out of wind that are a short boat ride. If the winds are above that there is no way that I would head out there.

If the tree tops near our house are not moving or bearly swaying and our flag out front is limp, the winds will be okay to go fishing on the Sound. It is time to hitch up the boat trailer to the truck and head out there.

Roger Stephens
Roger, thanks for fueling my fires to get out. After the past week I've been thinking tying rather than fishing. Gotta change that.

D3Smartie, were you fishing the north end of the Canal, and did you see much other activity? I'm down near the south end, and have had a few small ones come out to play.


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