Echo Ion

Looking at reels for my Loomis IMXpro shortspey 51111. This is my first spey rod and will most likely start with a Skagit scout 360 gr with a running line to be determined. The Echo site states the 6/7 has a backing capacity of 150/20 and the 7/9 200/20. I assume a mono running line will take up less space than a coated line of same length? Will the 6/7 comfortably hold the Skagit scout and corresponding running line of either mono or coated plus enough backing or do I need to size up to the 7/9? This rod is for trout in the 12-25" range with the occasional 30" (hopefully
) thrown in. The river that will see the most fishing averages 1200 to 2400 cfs with some runs that are pretty swift. Still don't expect the need for a lot of backing unless I am fortunate enough to tie into a really good one.

Thanks Matt
The 6/7 or 7/9 would be more than adequate. I put so little thought in to these things and typically just grab whatever. But most people who care more than I do would probably say go with the bigger reel to help "balance" the longer rod.
They had the 6/7 at the local shop, thanks for your help Evan.


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