Wynoochee Crossover to Black Creek

How difficult is this stretch? I have rowed some but am not great. I have always run my buddies boats before on other rivers like the sky and part of the hatchery drift on the bogachiel, but I just am purchasing my own and want to take another friend down the nooch. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I have read about the dam and the boat chute but also am wondering what is the best way around whether walking it or running river left.



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That drift is a piece of cake, except for the diversion dam. Either run it thru the boat chute or hand line it on river left. The boat chute isn't difficult, but boats have swamped going thru it. Be aware.
If you're concerned, just hand line it. I think the diversion dam is stickier in lower flows. I usually just push over it on the left with a little speed.

Clint F

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every time I have done it I went over the diversion dam mid river. didn't even know there was a shute on it but it has been almost 8 years now since I have floated it unless water was low then walked it. only shute I have done is on the humptulips

Clint F

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also if you have water to go over... commit to it and push through it. don't hesitate. that's when errors happen most of the time

Jerry Daschofsky

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The left chute is gone, unless it recently filled in. My cabin is literally a couple hundred feet from it.

Just an FYI about going over mid way, that's where every drowning happens. And it's not pushing it hard that causes it. It's usually from an uncoated aluminum bottom that sticks. To get off the diversion you need to spin boat, which causes it to go over sideways, grabbing the gunnel and pushing it underwater. Usually the rower drowns but passenger gets out. Before it washed out we had a natural boat launch at cabin, so would launch there and go straight to Black Creek or to Twin Bridge or mouth.

It's a super easy float. Again only the diversion dam is bad spot. I've done several extractions over the years there. You'll see warning signs that spillway is coming. I'd say line boat to left.


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Agreed on lining it over the diversion. Most of my friends just go right over it, but I just don't think it's worth ruining the day (or several lives) over being brave. The walk around is super easy and quick.


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Yup, and when you jump back in after lining it around, make sure you push downriver aways from the spill current. . .first time I did it I jumped in floating nearby and the boat got sucked back into that spill and just about got sucked down. . .had to row like a MF'er to get out. And if anybody ever does go in the drink in that spill, the trick is to swim down with the current to get spit out, not up against it like instinct would dictate.

You got plenty of good advice here. . .now go fish!


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