Not bad Nick. But if you get rid of those old dvd's you will have more room for a bigger table. I feel cramped looking at that small one.

Also, I personally like to hang the stuff I use most: marabou, bunny, schlappen, fox, flash, etc. This way I can tell when I'm getting low and easy to re-order. Other stuff gets stored in my totes.

This is a good start though. Next thread lets tackle your closet and get those fishing shirts organized but sleeve length, brand, and color.

The problem with living in a tiny house is I simply have to make due with the room I have. Getting rid of the DVDs isn't an idea my wife is too fond of, though I may move them at some point. When two adults and a teen live in a house just under 1100 square feet, room is at a premium. Talking to my wife last night it occurred to me my son will be old enough to do his own thing in less than three years. While I can't even begin to put much thought into that without getting a bit emotional, it is a bit exciting to think about the second bedroom being freed up in the future.

That said we are looking for new desk options. I'd like a larger work space. We have been on the lookout for an appropriate "corner" style desk that will wrap around and give me lots of working space. So if you see something let me know! :)

Yeah I hung all the dubbing brush stuff in reach of the little dubbing table, but I also hung my most used colors of bunny, marabou, flat braid and things that I find myself tying with nearly every day.


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Took a turn on my fly tying area today. A trip to Home Depot yielded some cool stuff. Spent most of the day installing peg board and things. Still have a few things left to do but I'm pretty happy with the progress so far.

Tried to hang all my dubbing brush ingredients within reach of my spinner. I call it dubbing brush heaven

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some good ideas there.

but glue a stick of molding over that ragged edge!

some good ideas there.

but glue a stick of molding over that ragged edge!


Haha It cracks me up how many people focus on that. Just goes to show you how differently everyone is wired. I could not possibly care less about a rough edge on a piece of peg board, which is about as utilitarian of an item that exists. Peg board by nature is not exactly pretty. There will be no molding over the edge in my house. I will proudly rock that rough edge as long as it hangs. Of course I don't worry about matching clothes or matching my reel to the thread wraps on my rod either. Different strokes for different folks.

From my perspective I see people worrying about these small details in their life, and at the same time complaining that they never have time to fish, or tie, or do other stuff they'd prefer to do. Myself, I like to simplify my life to free up as much time as possible. IMO if people quite worrying about insignificant little details like that they might just find they have more time and energy to focus on the important stuff... like fishing! :)
This is my home office. Come to Montana and you can have it for $50. I’m in the market for a new one.

Please excuse my mess.

Now how about that closet?

Does the price include a day of guided trout fishing?

I dig that desk and that's kinda what I have in mind.... Curious, does that small section with the laptop raise up to level out with the rest of the desk as needed?

And my closet is another item that will never be organized. I mean I could run down and fish a beach for an hour or two, or I could reorganize my closet. Ya, I know what I'm gonna do. :)
Update... A new desk was purchased today. Well a new to me desk anyway. Found a used office furniture store and found the perfect desk for my needs for a steal.

The guy at the store loaded both pieces onto a dolly so getting them in my truck was easy. Getting them into the house was not. I don't think my teenage son will ever forgive me for making him help lol
This is the Flambeau Tuff Tainer that I use for spooled material and the Sterilite box these fit in. 20180127_172830.jpg 20180127_172812.jpg 20180127_172757.jpg
The Flambeau has a model number of 200211 and the Sterilte one is 1894.

I live most of the year travelling in my truck and camper so space is tight. I've played around with lots of storage ideas. For spooled stuff this is in my experience the best solution.