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sketch-1517124409944.png sketch-1517124431165.png This is the thread spool storage unit i made over 3 years ago, heap of long bolts in a piece of perspex/flexi glass! sketch-1517124455484.png sketch-1517124490292.png sketch-1517124527061.png And the tool storage unit i made straight after, it took a insane amount of drilling & cutting aluminum spaces for the corners! I can't stress enough how good beer is to tickle the creative nerves in the brain! :)

Steve Saville

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It doesn't look like this now. I built this set-up several years ago. It works very well. I now have a book shelf on the left and it's about a foot deep in "stuff" as I'm busy tying for my trip to Christmas Island. Periodically, I have to stop and spend an hour or so putting the "stuff" away so I can find what I need.:cool:


Nick Clayton

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Met with "Approval"...:)
What ya tyin'up?

I had just finished tying up some delia squids when I took this pic I believe.

So far I've been very good about putting most stuff away when I'm done with a pattern. Desk is still messy, but I don't have to dig through piles of stuff to find that pack of estaz I'm looking for lol


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Man, im jealous of your guyses space. I'm currently in the nomad camp. We are in a rental unit and don't have enough space for a permanent tying desk. So this is how I get by:

IMG_20180131_183541.jpg IMG_20180131_183654.jpg IMG_20180131_183701.jpg

The bags on the left side of the ottoman store the materials for my current patterns. Usually have three of them filled at a time. That way when I'm ready to tie each night I grab a bag or two and set up on the kitchen table:



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I keep eyeing a roll top desk option to upgrade my tying station. There are always a handful on Craigslist I just have to pull the trigger on one.

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