TJ Fisher

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Day 1 my wife says it's good she got me a portable vice so I can tie while we watch tv together.

This weekend she says I need to stay in one spot and stop dragging flash and colored hair all over the place. 20180223_180945.jpg

I gotta see everything I have before deciding what I'm going to use!


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Finally tracked down peg board at the local Home Depot. Added it to the swing out doors and the inside of the lower right cubby. @Nick Clayton, you did not tell me it could be found in two places in the store. I’m an idiot.

Anyway, once I start tying stuff other than saltwater flies, I’m going to run out of room quickly...



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image.jpg Spent most of the day organizing, putting stuff away, finding the top of my table, and lots of stuff I forgot I had. But it's a start....