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Day 1 my wife says it's good she got me a portable vice so I can tie while we watch tv together.

This weekend she says I need to stay in one spot and stop dragging flash and colored hair all over the place. 20180223_180945.jpg

I gotta see everything I have before deciding what I'm going to use!


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Finally tracked down peg board at the local Home Depot. Added it to the swing out doors and the inside of the lower right cubby. @Nick Clayton, you did not tell me it could be found in two places in the store. I’m an idiot.

Anyway, once I start tying stuff other than saltwater flies, I’m going to run out of room quickly...



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There are some really nice ideas for organizing your fly tying areas and materials in this thread.

Here’s how I keep many of my fly tying hooks organized. I have another identical bag for my fly ting beads. The plastic containers are called Craft Mates Lockables and can be purchased at many craft stores or online.

4B762C1B-C7F6-4EF3-AA08-45DB591125CE.jpeg 043EC752-08FA-46AF-B335-25EC1D128617.jpeg 7B6E7EDB-3D7F-4CA9-91A6-4BC941254F27.jpeg

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Talking to my wife last night it occurred to me my son will be old enough to do his own thing in less than three years. While I can't even begin to put much thought into that without getting a bit emotional, it is a bit exciting to think about the second bedroom being freed up in the future.
Ya, when my son moved out his bedroom became my tying space, it was great cause I could just shut the door and my wife couldn't see the mess. But last year we move to a smaller house on the beach so no tying room now, but I'm working on it. Strong work on yours though and some great ideas throughout this thread.


Made a carousel this morning for my flashabou and Crystal Flash. 2.99 spice carousel at good will. Used my cable stapler around it. just stick zip tie tails in the hoops. Now to make one for my hair stuff. flash carousel 2.jpg flash carousel.jpg staple.jpg


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I got my old fly tying area with not having enough elbow space and Saturday morning I tore it down and out the door about @ 10 am. Without having a plan drove to home depot and just got whatever popped in my head to throw on the cart. Considering I didn't have a plan this ain't to bad. All done with screws so I can add or subtract as a new idea comes along. I still need a bunch more pegboard hooks. and going to order one of those Walmart thread storage racks. I made the table 30 inches deep and 6 1/2 ft. long. still going to add more peg board too. Hope this one will do me for awhile :) Before anyone asks the wall hanger is a bamboo 9 foot 3 weight built in 1933 by Jim Payne and no it's not for sale!!

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