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I organized my travel kit by duct-taping the lids down on the 2 plastic storage tubs to keep everything inside from getting out.


Driftless Dan

Driftless Dan
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I like the pegboard solutions; that seems to be a pretty good idea, and I love the tool caddy. I have a table I tie at, but it's pretty wide, so I can kinda spread out during fly tying, but the result is the wall is too far back for me to reach to; I have my tools etc. in a couple little plastic boxes with 5 drawers each. The rest of my stuff, except for the vise and the stand I put the vise on, is in about 8 bins, each about the size of a box used for wader boots. I have those boxes sorted for feathers (and sub-sorted so I have one box just with hackle feathers, the other with everything else), synthetics, fur, and dubbing.


I like the pegboard solutions; that seems to be a pretty good idea, and I love the tool caddy
Tool caddies of some kind are highly recommended. I have the Renzetti foam caddy it has been a real joy.

I would recommend against pegboard unless you do what @Paul_ did here and package your stuff up with rings so that you can quickly unhang/hang something and get to everything on a peg quickly. My eperience was always that I wanted whatever was three or eight items back on a peg so I spent way too much time sliding stuff on and off, and it's not near as quick as it sounds. I found it much easier to root around in a drawer and just grab the one package I wanted, and then toss it back in the drawer when I am done.

I'm a big fan of the various sizes of sterilite drawers, as it appears others are. If you don't like the drawer stops on them you can take a pair of wire cutters and cut off the plastic tabs that keep the draws from pulling all the way out.

I'm a big fan of these too, and I think some other are too judging by the pictures. They're stackable (you don't have to install the wheels), and they're big enough to be useful. I keep all my hollow hair in one drawer, my soft/bugger/strung/schlappen in another, synthetic hairs a drawer, congo hair in its own drawer, etc. They're really easy to pull out, open, find, close and put back. They're just big enough to accommodate most necks, though I think they might be a little small for some saddles assuming you want them to lay straight.


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Storage only, Had it in the garadge but was so afraid it would rust. That work is done outside on a nice warm day. I try to get at least one project ( blank ) glued up for the winter, Only do the final planing and wrapping on the tying bench


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Working on building a new tying desk to replace the old computer table I've been using. Been talking about doing this live-edge project for years, and now time to start......
Desktop is 2" white oak, inlays are black walnut.
Upper shelf will also be 2" white oak.
Still trying to decide what color to make the "river" out of.




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I got my old fly tying area with not having enough elbow space and Saturday morning I tore it down and out the door about @ 10 am. Without having a plan drove to home depot and just got whatever popped in my head to throw on the cart. Considering I didn't have a plan this ain't to bad. All done with screws so I can add or subtract as a new idea comes along. I still need a bunch more pegboard hooks. and going to order one of those Walmart thread storage racks. I made the table 30 inches deep and 6 1/2 ft. long. still going to add more peg board too. Hope this one will do me for awhile :) Before anyone asks the wall hanger is a bamboo 9 foot 3 weight built in 1933 by Jim Payne and no it's not for sale!!

View attachment 214166
10 days later and still a work in progress


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Table is coming along, but slowly thanks to my work schedule.
Several layers of epoxy resin from TotalBoat have been poured.
Gradually backing off the pigmentation as each layer gets poured so that the top layers should be nearly clear and provide a sense of depth to the resin.
Once done with the resin pours, I'll route out two more inlays into the "river" and glue those in and get the whole thing sanded down again.
Then it'll be time to figure out the joints and uprights for the upper shelf.
Maybe done by Christmas?

Speyrod GB

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That looks awesome. When I get a new permanent residence, I hope to be that organized, before I start tying. :D Then stuff just gets stacked everywhere.

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