Pattern Hackle Stacker Mayfly

Here's a pattern I started playing around with this weekend. Think it will make a great low-pro March Brown or Mahogany dun, and should be a great PMD or BWO pattern when tied in appropriate colors. I usually just tie parachute style patterns, but think this will ride in the film a little better and look a bit buggier. I am currently tying these in size 12-16, size 14 pictured....and using several different dubbing colors to match different bugs.

1. Tie in and split tails, microfibettes.
2. Dub body 2/3 up the hook
3. Tie in a loop of mono (I'm using 6X) to use as a post
4. Tie in hackle stem just in front of mono post
5. Place left index finger through mono loop and pass hackle pliers between right and left hand, wrapping counter-clockwise while keeping tension on the post.
6. Wrap about 4 turns going up the post, then 4 back down.
7. Tie off hackle in front of the post
8. Dub thorax ball in front of post
9. snip the mono loop open, pull ends down to eye of hook, tie off, trim ends, and finish
You can get a better tutorial here:
sorry the photos arent the greatest and this fly isn't real's a prototype.


Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
Nice fly Pete
I have been meaning to try this hackling technique for the last few seasons but have yet to get around to it. Combined with a curved hook, Klinkhammer style, it should make a good emerger as well.

So many flies, so little time.

Thanks Tim,

Sounded like a great idea so here's the first attempt.....

Hackle Stacker PMD emerger.

I think the size 16 BWO's are gonna be killer.


Tim Cottage

Formerly tbc1415
Looks like a winner.

About a year ago, another board member posted a midge pattern using a similar technique. He has now expanded it to an emerger pattern as well. Here is a link to his web site, (apologies to Arlington), click on the link to "Pictures and instructions for Arlington's Gallows Midge"

Your fly could also be adapted for callibaetis, for lake use, with the usual modifications.


Whoops! forgot to add the link. Here it is.

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