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Tony Clifton wanna-be....
Swap's ended. Very well-run; neat ties from all participants and submitted on time. I think one of the participants has committed to post photos, but not sure if they'll be "public" or "just for participants" (which is beyond my comprehension). I don't have a good camera for doing fly "portraits," so, just to give you an idea of what was tied, here's the group I received: fullsizeoutput_18e2.jpeg


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Great overview, Ron McNeal!
I usually try to do a portrait run of all the flies, here is my offering, please PM me if your fly has no name and I will add it!
Bonus points for any personal, historical, anecdotal information about your pattern. Just PM me all you want to say and it shall be done.

*I edited a couple of patterns with available historical info, if you don't want or have additional info, please let me know!
Thank you all for an amazing swap, all solid products and a genuine and respectful banter!

(I am not doing the Blackmouth Swap, too busy tying for Bass, Panfish and Musky :) )

Keta Rose variation with Tungsten bead - KFish

"Diddle your skittle" - Max P



Vandelay Industries

Jeff Delias White Ghost - Ron McNeal

ed: "
"This pattern was created by my brother Russell
Delia and myself after many years of fishing the Puget Sound estuaries for returning
Salmon of all species and Sea-run Cutthroat Trout. It can be tied in many colors
using Lite-Brite dubbing. This fly has caught King, Silver, Chum, and Sockeye Salmon,
Steelhead, Perch, Flounder and is my second favorite fly for Sea-run Cutthroat Trout.
This pattern has caught more salmon in the last 20 years than any other pattern
I have used in the Puget Sound area."
...Jeffrey Delia"


Chris Steimert

Shrimply Pibbles - SeattleFarq


ed: "Al Knudson developed the pattern for steelhead on the Umpqua River in Oregon and brought it back with him when he returned to Everett in the 1930s and it quickly became a favorite of sea-run cutthroat anglers on the Stillaguamish River. He called it the Yellow Spider and it was originally tied with yellow chenille and rather full (sometimes using more than one mallard flank feather) hackle. Sometimes he would wrap a stiff grizzly hackle behind the mallard flank to prop it up and away from the hook shank (this, by the way, doesn't work as the fibers of the mallard flank work down and between the stiffer grizzly hackle fibers).

Today, the Knudson Spider has become more of a style of fly than an individual pattern and is tied in many colors and a wide variety of waterfowl flank feathers for hackle. I usually omit the mallard flank tail which Al used and sometimes add a tinsel rib. One of the most interesting variants of the Knudson Spider is Mike Kinney's Reverse Spider in which the hackle is reversed and tied in pointing out over the eye of the hook, giving the hackle much more scope for movement and an extremely seductive action." - Preston Singletary (from an older post describing the pattern.)

Scudley do Right
ed:"A cool variation of the Skagit Minnow pattern for Sea Run Cutthroat originally designed by Ken McLeod in the 1950's."

ed:" Very nice baitfish/fry pattern!"

Alien Bead Fry - Eyejuggler.
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Should be OlympiaFarq now...
I've been tempted to call the pink version "Shrimply Pibbles." Not sure how many will get the joke...

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