Best way to tote a pontoon boat


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Thanks. I designed it myself after a lot of thought. The two strips are strips of rubber material that come off a roll at Home Depot. Don't recall what it's called. It's just stapled to the deck, and that's where the pontoons ride. I used regular grade plywood throughout, and tried to seal it well with paint. The top is starting to delaminate a little on the front corners after, I think, 4-5 years, but I could replace the top pieces pretty easily. Fortunately, haven't had any trouble with the lights. I tow it about 1000 miles locally each year, and I've towed it from Colorado to Montana and back a couple of times (1000-1200 or so miles RT). In both cases, I repacked the wheel bearing before the trip. So far, no problems.

I don't do enough dusty-back-road travel for that to be a problem, but I do get a little leakage inside if I'm towing and it's raining. There's enough water thrown up under the top panel that some seeps inside. What I need to do is install a rubber strip (like those strips you use to seal around the exterior of windows when you install them) where the top panels meet the sides. I think that would solve it. It just hasn't been enough of a problem to do it yet. Maybe this spring.
Nice job on designing the box yourself! Appreciate the additional info... You're getting me inspired to maybe try to build a similar trailer.

The original poster has a Jeep Patriot. The picture was just for reference. I haven't built one yet, nor do I own the truck. It doesn't seem pointless if you have an inbed camper, canopy, or truck full of stuff............

The upper tie downs wouldn't work with a camper or canopy?
I had a motor home and was able to mount pontoon on the back in a luggage carrier just like this one. Then I went with a truck and camper and had to modify the luggage rack to hold the boat and still have access to the rear door of camper. My welder buddy and I were in the process of designing this unit and then there it was on craigslist 15 miles away only cost me $60 the angle iron would have cost that much and did not have to assemble and weld it. I had to change the uprights from back end to the front so I could launch and pick up the boat. When traveling I connect top strap to the camper to stabilize.

a brand new HD 12" axle and hubs from a supplier like Potter Webster in Portland about $100. Want to go 14" for higher ground clearence, about $150 shipped to your door.
3 wheels and tires(always have a spare) $120 - $150.
A welder to build a simple angle iron frame to drop on the axle, about $150, maybe less.
$150 of 5/8" plywood and hardware to build a simple box to bolt to the frame, the box lid fitted with male thread pipe sockets on top, conduit with metal pipe thread ends for legs that screw onto the lid.
Coolers, camping gear, etc, all stored inside the box, pontoon boat secured on top using side mounted boat cleats,
Once at destination, pull off the boat, screw legs onto box lid, flip it 180', instant sturdy camping table
.Built and used mine for 20 years, pulling it behind my 4x4 throughout the west and Canada, carrying everything from inflated float tubes to pontoon boat to a pram on top.

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