Updated Cutthroat Squimp SBS

Mark Mercer

I've had a few request for a updated SBS for the Squimp so thought I'd do one as I've been stuck at home with a cold.
Nick Clayton's been tying a really nice variant and I have no doubt it works just as well and is easier to tie, this is just how I've been tying them.

Hook- #6 or #8 your favorite saltwater hook (Gamakatzu sc15 #2 and #4)
Thread- 6/0 uni pink
Tail- Spirit River shrimp pink marabou, K/F, barred predator wrap, angle hair (very sparse)
Eye's- GP tippets
Body- Senyo's Laser Dub
Carapace- GP breast feathers
Tie in a small section of tippet on both sides. I've already tied in a little flash and predator wrap on top.
Make a dubbing loop and wrap forward, then brushing down and back, keep top as flat as possible and trim.

Golden pheasant breast feathers, these were cut from the skin, cleaned and dried, improves the shape of the feathers. Skins are around $10.
IMG_0700.jpg I'm using two feathers but one is fine, set on top of each other trim (like photo, leaving barbs short at the tie in point will help keep them from rolling) tie on hook, if you keep the top of the dubbing flat they will tie in flat, if not build up the thread behind the eye so they will lie flat. IMG_0701.jpg IMG_0702.jpg
Squimp dry
IMG_0707.jpg Squimp wet

Thanks for looking and hope this helps those that want to tie one.


Yard Sale

Huge Member
I’m more impressed by the matching ceramic insert to thread color than anything else!

It just seems like there is a certain pattern for each fish that works enough you don’t really need anything else. Clousers for bass, string leeches for steelhead. PTs and parachute Adams for trout.

Never fished for SRCs but I hope to soon and when I do I’ll have full confidence the fly isn’t my problem with one of these tied on.

Thanks for sharing.


Active Member
A question on your golden pheasant skin? Is this dyed or is this the natural color? I have never seen one before. Time for another order.

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