How Many Steelhead Have You Caught This Season?

How Many Steelhead Have You Caught This Season?

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Not many trips, and not many bites. The good news is that I'm 1 for 1 on the season....

bk paige

Wishin I was on the Sauk
No wonder Jeremy Floyd got hammered so hard in the steelhead subforum. He was one of the few posters to make contact on a regular basis.

I'm assuming XP was referring to winter steelbead, hence the lack of #'s, the few early natives is about average for January around these parts. Jeremy hasent posted any winter runs and his last summer run was quite a while ago, and he wasn't blasted for catching, so not relevant.
I wish I fished as much as I did 10+ yrs ago, 200-250 days a yr to about 50 if I'm lucky. Caught a lot of fish back then, but there was a lot more fish. If I ever get the chance to retire that will change, until then it's just life in the way trying to save for retirement.

Dave Maddock

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Caught 1 on New years day. Saw 1 sled catch 4 from the same run.
If they're there you can catchem.
Or something like that?
Hatchery dink by the way. Long since gone thru our solid waste.

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