How Many Steelhead Have You Caught This Season?

How Many Steelhead Have You Caught This Season?

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Rob Allen

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Haven't fly fished for winters runs in 2018 yet. I fished gear about 2 hours and hooked one of the two strikes i had.. rivers always seem to be blown on my days off.
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Skunked 5 years in a row now;)
My second steelhead trip ever, january 1998, i swung two up out of the Smith R in NorCal. I was serious into fly fishing, so I was like, yeah, no problem, I got this.

It was 5 years before I caught my third, and not for lack of trying. I was doing things like fishing a week straight, dawn to dusk, and not a touch. Done a bit better since then, but its funny that way. keep at it.


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I'm assuming XP was referring to winter steelbead, hence the lack of #'s, the few early natives is about average for January around these parts. Jeremy hasent posted any winter runs and his last summer run was quite a while ago, and he wasn't blasted for catching, so not relevant.
I wish I fished as much as I did 10+ yrs ago, 200-250 days a yr to about 50 if I'm lucky. Caught a lot of fish back then, but there was a lot more fish. If I ever get the chance to retire that will change, until then it's just life in the way trying to save for retirement.
wow, are you saying that you must fish a lot to catch a lot? and fulltime jobs are not conductive to large catch numbers ?


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Does the steelhead I caught at the grocery store count? My number would be a bit higher.. my number is low, cause I really haven't been fishing... makes them harder to catch!;):cool:

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