Age of this SA System 5 Reel?

I just bought my first Winston this week and decided to pair it with a SA System 5 reel made by Hardy that I found at a pawn shop for $75. Can anyone tell me more about the production years on these System 5 reels? Searching Google indicates these were introduced in the early '70s and that these are pretty much identical to the Hardy Marquis reels? I also saw two versions of the click & pawl style for this reel and two different color schemes on the site. Any info would be great. Here's to hoping that it'll be birth year '74 reel to sweeten the purchase.



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Maybe Google will help to understand when these first came out. Mostly 80's reel IMHO- That said a good user reel totally appropriate with an early Winston (or Bamboo & Glass for that matter).
The dial on the back adjusts tension on the clicker and I've found mine as not very effective. The reels are prone to the rim rubbing on the frame caused by dropping. Other than that put some light grease on the post and it will outlast us all.


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This is the earlier, original version. IMHO the better version. I bought mine in 1980. Its a very good reel but SA was optimistic in their size ratings. It's more for 4 weight lines. A WF5F will just fit with a minimal amount of backing. A DT5F if you hack off 15 feet or so of the rear taper.

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