Tying vise trash collectors


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I do a similar thing, paper bag from Drug store instead of kleenex box, and my desk looks like yours, so one question -- the problem I've always had was given the state of its surroundings, how do I tell when the bag has gotten funky.:rolleyes:
When you go to empty it and half the stuff in it is stuck to it via SHHAN, UV Cure, Epoxy, or Super Glue, etc......


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Thanks for all the great solutions everyone! Very cool to see how everyone handles this common situation.

I ended up cutting down a plastic shoe box type container from Walmart. Vise fits right in it and it works out pretty well so far. Think I'll save the money on one of the ones at a fly shop and save up for that Ty Wheel I'm itching for.

@Justin Waters I've seen you and Brita are big fans of this from your blog. I'm curious, was there any sort of adjustment period to get used to working with the Ty Wheel right under your vise, or is it pretty easy to just jump right into it? My only concern with that is I might find it in the way somehow, but I see they make an extension for the vise stem as well to help avoid that. The magnet catching hooks and beads is a big selling point for me for sure.

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I like this solution the best. I have been using a cheap plastic bin and just wiping my desk into it.

That being said, I may go the wooden box route like @Freestone shared to keep it a little more classy....:p

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