NFR Help me name my Fly Shop!

The Predators Predator

Strip Set , could make a cool logo with "Double S"

Naturally Synthetic Fly Shop

The Predators Predator Custom Flies

Double Haul Fly Co.

Frag Out!! Fly Co.

New Gen Fly Co.

New Generation Fly Tyer
This is the single greatest thread of all time... this could go on for 400 pages.

Nacho Mamma's Fly Co.
Merican Fly Co
Hairball Flies
Nobody Better Flies
Hooker Flies
Wrappin' Iron Flies
Deep To the Dangle Flies
Grip and Grin Flies
Stripping Ain't Easy Fly Co
Squawk and Squeak Flies

I'd curse and say you stole my idea if I see it in use.... but anyone that can make a living tying flies is more than welcome to it. Just send me a t-shirt.

Good luck.



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I would like to confess that when I came up with,I was thinking of that commercial where the woman is singing it karaoke style in a tiny,slightly emotionally damaged and out of tune voice.
Focus on three things in naming.
-Popular local scenic/cultural attraction.
- Local popular plant ( bonus if edible/culturally significant.)
- Funny "pet" name, something that jives with the local ambiance and keeps the locals stoked!