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Steve. That is too funny! What a real small world it is. I would love to wet a line with you sometime. I live in Redmond on Lake Sammamish. If you fish Rattlesnake Lake a lot I'm thinking you might be kind of close.


Indi "Ira" Jones
I stayed there about 25 years ago. They stuck us in an out of the way cabin away from the lakes. I think it was probably the Minnie Lake Ranch House. Some guys were sitting around drinking when we got there with our gear and I recall hearing kind of a crazy somewhat familiar laugh. It was Dick Balch if any of you remember him!
Anyway we ended up fishing Minnie Lake the entire time. It was cold and windy and fishing was kind of slow. Hook one up about every half hour or so. The loons would not leave us alone. They kept following us around waiting for us to hook a fish. Pretty interesting to me.
We also attended a wonderful evening seminar given by Brian Chan in the main lodge. It was extremely helpful! He explained the fishery and the proper use of certain flies. Brian was a distinct pleasure to meet! Extremely helpful and friendly.
Neither of us hooked any trophies but we did catch some larger fish. I would like to go back again sometime. Enjoyed the trip very much.
Chan will be at the Fly Fishing Show this weekend.
I have fished Stoney and Minnie for the last 8 years. The fish have consistently run about 17" to 19" with 25" being my largest. I primarily fish chironomids with indicators or dangle chironomids in deeper water. It's not great fishing but I always go with friends for 5 days - average 20 to 30 fish a day. I also use balanced leeches with an indicator closer to shore. I think the larger fish are in Minnie but sometimes get blown off and go over to Stoney to get out of the wind. Still lots of fun for me.

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