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Dean got his first boner on the Big Island. Too bad the fish jumped out of his hands on the hero shot.

Then yesterday we went offshore, heard there was an early run of ono, wahoo.

Rainbow was a good omen.

Right after the rainbow the short rigger goes off. Dean gets on the reel and lands a weehoo, 15lb ono.

We troll down the coast, head into some rougher seas, so make the run back to Hilo, and right out side Sand Hill, the long corner gets a screamer. Dean fights it like a champ and WAHOO, a nice 50lber.

Notice the cookie cutter shark hole on the side.

Nice fish, we are all set for superbowl.

Dean's arms are a little sore, so he is resting up today. Tomorrow we are after big bones. My friend Eric was great, and big mahalos for taking us out. Hope it is a good ono season this year. Hope you all have a good superbowl, Mems.


For him there whould always be the riddle of steel
Nice work, those things take a screaming 1st run. Caught a nice one in Cabo & some king mackerel out of Islamorada.


Nick Clayton

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I have never had much interest in heading over to Hawaii but if I ever do I will definitely be looking to hook up with Mems!

Wahoo are such a cool looking fish.

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