Trout spey decision 2wt vs 3wt


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I use 5wt floating rio scandi body with a redington 5wt dually switch rod for all my surface and skinny water subsurface swing fishing on the Trinity River. It's a great set up and is plenty of muscle for the average size SH in that river which runs about 24-26". Maybe if I tied into a 30"+ fish I would feel differently but hasn't happened on the swing yet.

I also have the intermediate version but have never fished it yet. This year the water has just been too low to really need it.

On a trout spey I'd be inclined to go with the 3wt because it will be more versatile I would think, but if you're fishing mostly soft hackles and small lightly weighted streamers, the 2wt would be a lot more fun.
I use the 6 weight skandi body on my 5 weight switch rod for surface stuff and I add an intermediate tip for october caddis work.

The full clear skandi body intrigues me for low clear water where stealth might be a factor. The GF swings flies with a clear intermediate beach line for steelhead in the fall and it fishes really well.

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