Spey fly or maybe a saltwater flatwing SWAP

Which type of swap would you be interested in?

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Max P

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I just finished up a winter steelhead swap and am looking to get another one going. Two ideas stick out in my head as I'd like to challenge myself and my skills are nowhere near where I'd like them to be for these two. I am thinking something like 1 pattern and 1 fly of this pattern for the amount of participants. The interest will determine the amount of flies tied but I wanted to see if there was an interest. I'm also not in a hurry to compete this swap so I think if there is an interest, we as a group can decide a timeline but it would be a non rush job.

I recently started tying flatwings for the puget sound and am in awe with their beauty and performance. I know the fly fishing show is right around the corner and I plan on dropping some coin at the Keough hackle booth so I can have a plethora of colorful saddles. Would you be interested?

I have always loved the style of Syd Glasso flies. I believe the Polar Shrimp was my second steelhead fly I tied. I know theres a debate on what constitutes a spey fly and the way Schewey describes it is they have to originated on the river Spey however I'm thinking something along the lines of the style of Syd Glasso. Would you be interested?

Let me know if this interests you by saying which one you would be interested in or perhaps we can have both of them going? Let the people speak.

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