Today’s Lake Report (mostly in pictures)


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Made it out to a lake today.

These are the flies that did not catch fish-

This is the fly that caught fish-

Right after I took the above picture of the hot fly, on an almost Maui tropical Washington February day, the temperature dropped 10 degrees.
Oh well, the beer was still good and the fish kept biting.

I didn’t catch anything huge. But caught lots of these wild things-

Rosy cheeks-

Hot spot of the day-

It was a good day at the lake-
Paul: Glad you made it out today, and had some good fishing. I plan on being there on Wed. morning too. Hopefully see you there. I'll be in a 8 foot grey/black pram. Tight lines. One of the fish from last month there. I used to use nothing but flies, but not always now. Denny


Paul: Went up there last Wednesday. Didn't see ya tho. Had a blast. 30 plus fish to the boat with many others coming off. 14-15 in average with a couple pushing 16. Leeches and Old Goats were both working really well. Nice to see the fish size getting bigger. Hope to see you up there soon. Denny

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