Hatchery ghosts! Tulalip ghost catchers to the rescue!


TULALIP TRIBES REGULATION NO: 2017-214-104(Steelhead 8A1,8A2,8A3,8A4, 8D) DATE ADOPTED: 02/05/2018 EFFECTIVE DATES: February 06, 2018 through March 30th, 2018 FISHERY TYPE: Commercial SUPERSEDES/MODIFIES REGULATION NO: None

Area: 8A1,8A2,8A3,8A4, 8D Species: Steelhead --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Treaty Steelhead opening in area 8A1, 8A2, 8A3, 8A4. 8D to target harvestable hatchery steelhead --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gillnet (5 inch min. mesh) Skiff Gillnet (5 inch min. mesh) Setnet (5 inch min. mesh) Beach Seine; Roundhaul

SCHEDULE: During the period 02/06/2018 - 03/30/2018:

OPEN MONDAY through FRIDAY, OPEN daily at 7:00 AM and CLOSE daily at 5:00 PM

Area restriction: Fishing is closed to all gear in that portion of Area 8A in Port Susan north of a line extended west from Kayak Point to the tower on Camano Island. The upstream boundary of Area 8A3 in the Snohomish River is the I-5 bridge


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Saw that on PP. Do you by chance have the site the official announcement was posted on? I couldn't find it by google.


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I mean this announcement obviously came from somewhere online. local.nixle.com has some older posting from the tribe. Just looking for an official outlet so its not second hand.


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It's hard for me to believe it's even worth anybody's time to net the Snohomish for wild steelhead.

Rob Allen

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Nearly two months of netting on ESA listed fish?

No tribal member who cared about the future of the run would put a net in the river.
Or another way to say it.

Any tribal angler who puts a net in the river proves he doesn't care
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o mykiss

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Internet hoax? Seems unreal that a fishery like this could occur in light of the ESA listing of Puget Sound steelhead. I thought the hatchery fish on the Snohomish are early returning Chambers Creek fish. Seems like the only steelhead likely to be caught in this fishery are wild fish.

bk paige

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So the Tulalip has always done a very small ceremonial fishery, is this just the standard wording for this fishery alwoing them to fish on optimal days? If not 5 days a week for 2 months is insane!

Jonathan Tachell

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If it was a ceremonial fishery it would say that after fishery type. According to the announcement posted above the fishery type is commercial.

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