I'm getting that itch...

...and it needs to be scratched. All I can think about are musky follows & eats.
I'm right there with ya. I still haven't landed a musky, but I've had six on now and dozens of follows. I could have landed one off the docks this summer that was around 40inches, but forgot my musky net at my trailer and bungled tailing it twice. I've had better success with pike. They're more aggressive! I landed seven, and lost over a dozen in four trips, two of which were skunks.
I dunno, but once we get some sort of extended warming stretch (the opposite of what is currently happening), I'm going to get out and hunt for them up on the flats that should warm up some...
I was chatting with a fellow I've known through FB for a bit now at the Fly Fishing show over the weekend, and he showed me a picture of a tiger he had caught two days in a row. It was easily the largest tiger I've ever seen. I honestly didn't think they grew that large. Man this thing was impressive. I've had the itch for a while now, but that one really got me jonesing to try this out.
There is nothing quite like watching a 3 foot + fish follow yer fly and then inhale it. Makes me shake just thinking about it.

There is a fly fishing Youtube video done by WDFW about it. They were on Mayfield Lake.
Or having one that you didn’t see slash at your fly, right by your fins, when you pick up to cast again. That sure got my attention.

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Not Musky, but i've had a lot of pike come & show their ugly head in the surface near my fins as I've lifted the fly out to cast again, it's a bit spooky when you don't expect it! Have to start doing this figure 8 thing near the tube this year! The fall before last I had a 3' pike jump whole fish out of the water chasing the fly i'd just pulled out, thought for a second it would land on my lap? I've had a bit of pee go in my waders many times, but that day i almost had a bit of poo go in there! I wish we had Muskies over here!

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