FS Custom Switch Rod 4/5wt 11ft IM8 Blank 4pc

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Lue Taylor

Lue Taylor/dbfly
Custom Switch Rod 4/5wt 11ft IM8 Blank 4pc. The blank was purchase Olde English Fly Shop, Fl. which warranty the blank not the workmanship. The cork grip and reel seat also purchased at the same place, All guides are Hopkins & Holloway stripper and snake. I built it for a friend who later change his mine asking $200 ship. Note: Talked with OPST they recommend 259gr Commando head ,12' 96gr Commando sink tip, 10' mirco skagit commando floating tip, 30lb lazar running line. I tried with a WF8f line able to overhand cast all 90ft with one pickup and shoot line. Single spey over 75ft which is good for my weak ass casting.


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