Deschutes river now deemed navigable

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Rob, go back and re-read Sg's post. He explains it well. They were not deciding if it was "navigable" (as it clearly is), they were deciding if it would be classified as a "Federally Navigable Waterway", which is a whole other legal classification and has nothing to do with if logs or small watercraft can float it it. Basically, it is about if US Coast Guard rules apply to a big boat/ship waterway or section thereof.
Then the answer should be no as i said their presence is unneeded and unwanted.
Then the answer should be no as i said their presence is unneeded and unwanted.

So rather than have to see the big, bad Coast Guard you'd prefer that anyone could just buy a jet boat and run paying customers all over that river at high rates of speed with zero training or accountability? Brilliant.
And decades of safe heroin use has also occurred for people. That doesn't mean there shouldn't be regulation.

Lol Right.... Insert "decades of safe....." examples here.

"I've operated a vehicle without a seatbelt safely for decades" "I've smoked ciggs safely for decades" "I've never needed health insurance for decades" "I've free climbed sheer rock faces safely for decades" "I've caught native steelhead without impact for decades"
The Coast Guard rules my home water. Most people don't realize you have to be licensed through them to guide on Rufus Woods. There's only five or six legal guides, and they'd post the list at all boat launches. If your guide wasn't on the short list, they weren't legal. I don't think I've ever seen a legal guide there. Plenty of illegal ones, though.
He isn’t the only one illegally guiding the D.

To quote Aesop Rock, “Maybe to sentimentalize is to be truly naive,
I know some shit about your heroes that you wouldn't believe”

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thank you for quoting aesop. your a hero in another form
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there has also been many "accidents" during those decades rob.....
And hundreds of thousands of safe trips.
No more regulation is needed.
If we always regulate to the least common denominator no one will be able to do anything. That's called Tyrany every regulation is a step closer and the last 30 years we have been running towards it.

YES i am saying that coast guard regulation of the Deschutes river is a step towards having a tyranical government.
What is astounding is that it is not paunfully obvious to everyone. The path of good intentions does not lead to a benevolent government.

I also have no issues with Hickman. The little bit i have dealt with him he was a nice guy.
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