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So I put a pole out there and it looks like people would prefer to do a spey fly swap. We have 5 people who participated in the pole so I'm assuming that means you would like to participate in the swap but please reply to this post so I can put your name down. We will make 1 fly per participant in the swap, minus yourself. We can discuss a time frame that works for the group. I am no rush to get this done and want to try new techniques out. For me I plan to burn hackle and dye it myself as I haven't tried this before. I would like to keep the discussion open to the general members as I am sure they have lots of experience and tips they can give as we progress through the process.
I have always loved the style of Syd Glasso flies. I believe the Polar Shrimp was my second steelhead fly I tied. I know theres a debate on what constitutes of a spey fly and the way Schewey describes it is they have to originated on the river Spey however I'm not going to hold people to that definition.

Each participant will tie 7 flies of the pattern they choose and will receive 1 fly from each participant for a total of 7 different flies received. I will post a picture of each persons pattern at the end of the swap for all to see as I have done in previous swaps but feel free to post pictures on here with your progress. I'm sure as soon as I start dying materials I'll be posting questions/pictures of what went wrong...

1) Max P (Skagit Storm) Flies received
2) Stabgnid (Blue Butt Black Mahogan) Flies received
3) Matthew LeBret (Flies received) (claret bug)
4) John Gates (Flies received)
5) Oncorhnynchus (Little Buddy) Flies received
6) CMS829 (Fire Ant) Flies received
7) S Fontinalis (Bloody Duck) Flies received
8) Stuart_Stringer (Glasso Orange Heron)
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would you consider this a spey ??? I found it on the interweb and I liked the looks of it ..

View attachment 162317
I am thinking that is more of a crossbreed, looks like a spey made sweet love to a hairwing. I put some definitions that I grabbed from the web and the website at the bottom has a lot of good information.

Primary Styles of Spey Flies

  • The traditional antique patterns with their subtle colors and bronze mallard wings
  • Gaudy classics like Kelson’s Black Dog, the Pitcroy Fancy and Glen Grant patterns
  • ‘Glasso’ style steelhead Speys using bright colors and hackle tips (4) or goose strips for wings
John Shewey’s Classic Spey Fly Characteristics:

  1. Unique hackling: a rooster side tail or saddle, or a heron hackle wrapped counter to the ribs
  2. Rib material locks down the hackle
  3. Wings of brown mallard, set low over a somber-colored body
  4. Mixtures of dubbings, mohair or later, strands of wool for bodies
– Spey Flies and Dee Flies: Their History and Construction (2002)

Bob Veverka’s “Essence of the Spey Fly:”

  1. A body of silk and fur
  2. Long, mobile body hackle
  3. Set of low wings
  4. Small, neat head
– Spey Flies and How To Tie Them (2004)

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I'm trying to decide what I'm going to go with and I've narrowed it down to a couple...I think. This might help you get an idea of the type of flies.

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