To cut or not to cut, what you do?

shot this elk in 2006. B&C 345 Could bring the rack into basement but when I had him mounted I can’t get him down the stairs. No way - staircase too small. So dilemma, has been hanging in my dining room for past 10 Year’s but now redo kitchen and dining room. Girlfriend wants him out now and not getting rid of girlfriend. So cut the horns off and keep the skull plate attached, still scoreable. And put the rack in the basement in corner next to pool table? Or keep him whole in the garage? Thoughts? Help?
PS: cut the antlers off and I will have enough elk hair for tying to last 20 lifetimes. As already if I don’t have enough / elk, moose, deer (boat species) bear, and game birds of all kinds.

Upton O

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Take it to taxidermist, remove skull cap, get taxidermist to build a modified pedestal mount to mount it on (very unusual modified European mount arrangement). You put that at eye level in your man cave in a corner and it’ll be truly more impressive that the typical Euro mount on a wall. Wall mounted antlers/hornsEuro style are pretty unspectacular to me.
Thanks Upton,
Couldn't do a typical euro mount anyway. He was first caped, then took a chainsaw thru his eyes and out the back for the skull plate with horns. So would have to be modified. I like your idea, and have seen something similar done with a pair of massive whitetail sheds.


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Mounts are made with removable antlers. Basically just pieces of steel rod poking out of the head.
Seems like a decent taxidermist could do a retrofit.

If it's a quality mount I think I'd donate it or loan it out before I'd cut the plate out.

It is also possible to do a repro Euro with just a skull plate, or sheds, btw. Not uncommon at all, so you do have options.

Gene S

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I feel your frustration Meeshka.

My P&Y bull has resided in 3 homes with great rooms that were designed for him, a storage unit, and 2 garages. Now trying to decide on his downsized fate as well. But gotta say if push comes to shove think twice about your girlfriend/bull position...the choice between my x-wife or the bull was one of my better decision. :)


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Don’t listen to Gene! I don’t know that many women would appreciate your elk, especially mounted in the dining room!!!!


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See if you can hang him up in your favorite local fly shop. That's what I did when the wife said she didn't want those big brown eyed staring down off the wall at her.... ?!?

You didn't mention the living room. Rename it the man cave.:) I don't have a shoulder mount elk but I do have a nice Kudu on a high post that separates the dining room from the living room. In the process of remodeling also.
Don’t cut it.

“euro” mounts suck IMO, (probably since it reminds me of winter-kill remnants) and are OK for racks where you can’t afford anything else or for some reason don’t want to (or can’t) do anything better with it.

Suggest keeping in garage or other location until you can put it up again where YOU want it. That second home in the mountains maybe?

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