Fly Fishing and Camping at the Lake - Looking for Advice


Every year, My dad, Brother, and family friend all go fishing on the east side around the opener. We usually fish Lenice and/or Nunnally, making a weekend out of it. A fews back, we all got travel trailers - makes the stay a little more comfortable. We want to find a quality fly fishing lake, that we can camp nearby or right at the lake. Our fall back plan will be Lenice, and park in the parking lot there, set up camp with the trailers. This year though, we want to try some place different, and new to us.

Any advice or tips on where to go to be able to camp at the lake, or close proximity (within a walk) at a quality fly fishing lake in the state - East side only.

Thanks for any help!


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not considered Quality Lakes - but can't you camp on the shores of Burke or Quincy?
I'm assuming Match 1st is the "opener" the OP is talking about: Quincy and Burke do have unimproved lakeside camping. First come - first serve. Can be lots of noise but the lakes often do have a few really good holdovers. And most likely no issues with ice this year (it is still winter, right?).


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Let me get this straight-there are 3 of you-right? And you are going out for a weekend so maybe 3 days max. And you are taking 88' of travel trailers so you can be "a little more comfortable"?

Who wants to sleep within 28 feet of some snoring machine who just scarfed down a few Natty Lights and a plate of pork and beans? Sleep in the comfort of your own palace!

Dustin Bise

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sun lakes and camp at the sun lake resort would be a good option. you could fish dry falls, deep, blue, and banks lake easily from there. also some golf if you like.
the resort lake isnt the best fly fishing lake, but it is a short drive to any of the others. i assume you have some sort of watercraft(s)?

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