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Maybe don't jump to the conclusion that any comment is an attack on you personally. Get out more. Experience life. Stop getting all defensive at the slightest things. I see quite a few members who simply cannot take any feedback without going into attack mode. My assumptions are based on what I see and read, not knowing any of you personally. Maybe I am supposed to know that you are a nice guy in spite of your words. Convince me.
Seems to me you have gone into attack mode. You accuse people of having attitude problems, not having experiences, not getting out enough and having sensitive nerves. Then you want someone to prove you are right. All based on a couple of phrases.

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Trouble with threads like these is people get on each others nerves and then the arguing begins. You all need to step back and smell the roses. Or get some thicker skin.
Shit. I was just rehashing some old trolling bullshit just for my own amusement. I actually axed the wino if he wanted to meet up for some fishing but he declined each time.
Montana the wino guy had an opinion on everything. Most was argumentative bullshit
I think he needed a job
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