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Some of y'all might remember that we had to put my gf's dog down in November. Well she's really been wanting to rescue a pup and we've been looking at shelters all over SW Montana. Honestly I have been hesitant as we have so much shit going on in our lives right now.

But we finally found one that we both liked, went for a visit, and fell in love immediately. Super cool mutt. Lab mix?



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Gorgeous pup! Congrats! Should we start a name suggestion thread???

Read about "crate training" to potty train the pup. If you are diligent, really diligent, there should be ZERO accidents ever! I've done it successfully with two pups at once from the same litter, a brother and a sister. We got them from the pound at 10 weeks. With strict crate training, the female never had one accident; with the male, I was a little inattentive one time and scooped him up as he started and had a few drops to clean up when we came back in the house but that was it ever.

Best of luck with your new fishing buddy! I can't wait to see trip reports!

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Crate training is the only way to go. And at night, I placed the crate on a bench or chair next to my bed & since the pup could see me, there was no whining/crying at night either. Train pup to use 1 spot for an outside privy & clean-up becomes much easier also.

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