NFR Well she talked me into it


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Shelter or rescue is the way to go. You’ll have a great time. Go against type, and give him a real name. Looks like a Steve to me, or maybe a Tony.

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Nice! How old is it? It looks old enough to begin training today. I'm a fan of the old Richard Wolter's dog training books like Water Dog and Family Dog. Just follow it and end up with a perfect dog.
I'll second and third on the crate training. He/She will tell ya when they need to "go". Also right after feeding, outside, then every two hours.
At three to four months they will last the nite, maybe


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Should we start a name suggestion thread???

Read about "crate training" to potty train the pup.
The family really likes Kirby (no relation to Georgia.) I dig it so think we'll go with that.

And 100% with ya on crate training. Already started.

Have you guys replaced the Cat yet? :)
Yeah, that ain't happening.

She is still just a gf?
Taking a trip to New York, NY April 4th and planning on proposing then. It is time.

Do you still have the dachshund or was that the dog you guys lost?
Still got ole wiener dog. He's acting like a grumpy old man around the new puppy.

Nice! How old is it?
10 weeks.

And is "it" a boy or girl?
It's a BOY!!!!

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I KNEW that wasn't lint on your sweater . . . :D!

Does Kirby have an Otter tail like a Lab? That name brings back memories - the Carol Burnette show had a character named Durward Kirby. We were well-in our cups one night planning an ice-fishing competition - and thus the New Year's Eve "Kurwood Derby" was born. It lasted for more than 20 years . . . "Kirby" is a great name & I approve this message . . .
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