NFR Well she talked me into it

The family really likes Kirby (no relation to Georgia.) I dig it so think we'll go with that.

And 100% with ya on crate training. Already started.

Yeah, that ain't happening.

Taking a trip to New York, NY April 4th and planning on proposing then. It is time.

Still got ole wiener dog. He's acting like a grumpy old man around the new puppy.

10 weeks.

It's a BOY!!!!
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Taking a trip to New York, NY April 4th and planning on proposing then. It is time.[/QUOTE]

Congratutions on taking the next step in your relationship with her:). It should be a good match for both or you since she has the same love of outdoor activities as you.

Your puppy is awesome!



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I had an "almost lab" that was dumped by a friends house in Whitefish Mt. Sweetest dog we ever had and a great fishing companion. I think you have found a great new companion there!

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Some of y'all might remember that we had to put my gf's dog down in November. Well she's really been wanting to rescue a pup and we've been looking at shelters all over SW Montana. Honestly I have been hesitant as we have so much shit going on in our lives right now.

But we finally found one that we both liked, went for a visit, and fell in love immediately. Super cool mutt. Lab mix?

Labs are better than people.


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Swimmy I just want to say you were having a fantastic hair day when this pic was taken. That's some great salad bro.
Just think about all the opportunities to accessorize your new pup! I hear Labs really dig Orvis shit...[emoji849]

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Our first “Lab”, a rescue of sorts, was a Lab/Shepherd mix, and he had the best traits of both, except that his fur (also all yellow) took hours to dry. Wonderful addition to the family. A loyal protector of our infant girls (the Shepherd) and smarter than some people I’ve met. I’m sure you’ll have fond memories too.

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