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A few factual problems with the write-up but I sure like the aquagreen rod and blue reel the angler used. Nice looking fish though, wonder if they are actually steelhead? I've heard of big resident rainbows in Alaska & Canada. And, i'm not sure but it's possible the largest known rainbow was larger than the largest known steelhead? Check here,, rainbow
The IGFA doesn't list steelhead.

Here's another good one. It suggests the largest, world record steelhead, was caught on the Hoh and weighed 29.5 lbs at 44". Is that correct? I don't know but I do know the pic is an Atlantic Salmon. record steelhead

Lots of confusion out there...


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I believe that the world record steelhead caught in the salt in SE Alaska by a kid fishing for salmon; the fish was later identified as a steelhead at the taxidermist. If memory serves the fished weight 42#. There has been rainbows (land locked fish) caught that were larger than that record steelhead.




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So, the IGFA says the world record rainbow weighed 48 pounds and was caught in a Canadian lake. Hate to be real but I've always believed 48 pounds was 6 pounds more than 42 pounds!

Steelhead growth phases out once they've spawned a first time, not so for rainbows because they don't have to ascend some crazy steep river and use up most of their resources doing it.
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As a technical write up, it will lead to a lot of misinformed readers. Steelhead and rainbows are not sub-species of mykiss, they are mykiss. And "rainbow" trout can tolerate salt water quite well, as opposed to what the article claims. My suggestion would be that people not read it, assuming they prefer being better informed.


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Actually, I recall that record saltwater 42 pound Steelhead was sterile and had under-developed ability for gonad it was not much different than, or a "natural" Triploid, and the reason it was just living it's life out in saltwater-no urge to spawn..just eat. Probably been more than a few huge salmon and steelhead who did the same. Never trying to come back in to spawn and kept ballooning at sea.
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