I'll be out in the evenings all week. The company I work for was just purchased and announced on Friday so it will be an interesting month with a vacation freeze.


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I caught zilch today - not a tug. There was a dude trolling parallel to one of the beaches I was at today about 40-50 ft offshore. I did not see him catch anything either.

Little less windy but markedly more snowy this morning...:)

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Language, its a virus
This weekend weather sucks! Blowing
a gale from the south Saturday and blowing
a gale from the northeast Sunday. Too
Damn windy to walk the dog without
worrying about a widow maker coming
off all the big firs on my property. The whitecaps
just keep on coming.......At least I can get down my
drive, unlike my neighbor who has a 100 foot fir across
his drive way.


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No BM for me, although I managed 3 rezzy coho in less than two hours of fishing...best winter/spring salt fishing I've had within 40 minute drive from downtown Seattle. I fished 6am-8am to try to catch the high slack of the 12 foot swing. I was tossing a 3" purple/pink squid tube fly on a Type 6 sink Outbound with long slow strips to try to entice a BM.
Good luck to everyone headed out today to fish. A little tip that I used on Friday, if you can find an open boat ramp that's lighted with a beach to fish. Light attracts baitfish at night, when the boats start hitting the water it'll usually scatter the bait pushing them in the direction of the tide down the beach which may attract some hungry fish. :D
Went out early again today and had a couple grabs before dawn but the fish looked small and I didn’t hook up anyway. Lots of ice in the guides and dead fingers. Heading back to the Seattle side today so tomorrow morning I’ll try again on that side. Gotta look at the charts for a spot to hit.

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