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Another beautiful and cold morning, no blackmouth still, but I got my first rezzie today. It’s nice when they jump in range. Also, cold fingers are lame. Picked up some 8 mil nitriles to go under my fingerless wooleys after searching for advice from the masters here. Hopefully that helps. Tomorrow morning we’ll go at it again. Probably too close to home to do any good but family obligations force me off the water early and more drive time means less fishing time.
If your hands still get cold with just the nitriles, buy a pair of thin polypropylene gloves liners to wear under them.
That has been my go to for a few years now in the winter and it has worked well for me.
Running and bike shops carry them.
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Had to change plans this morning and fish somewhere the north wind wasn’t gonna ruin everything. That involved a longer drive and I only had about twenty minutes before sunrise. It got really bright soon after that too. Hooked up a couple of coho. Lots and lots of bait around. All the grebes and goldeneyes were slurping down anchovie-sized baitfish—maybe that’s what they were, I don’t really know. Anyhow, gonna try again tomorrow morning.

P.S. My fingers were markedly warmer with the nitriles today. Lots better. And tying knots is easier with thawed fingers covered in nitrile than it is with numb frozen fingers without gloves.


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tides for early tomorrow are only 2 and 3 foot swings.

Anyone have a strategy for what kind of structure to fish for this?

I’m guessing the bait won’t be all concentrated behind the lee of point as when tide swings are large.

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