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tides for early tomorrow are only 2 and 3 foot swings.

Anyone have a strategy for what kind of structure to fish for this?

I’m guessing the bait won’t be all concentrated behind the lee of point as when tide swings are large.
Points and narrows. Or known highly productive water.


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Points and narrows. Or known highly productive water.
Fished a narrows with a bit of a point 6am-8am. There was a decent current, considering the tiny tide, although I didn’t see bait, birds, or seals...the beach was dead, no bites.

Will fish a better tide soon.
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I was out with the wife, wind was still brutal but managed to find a spot where I could semi use it to my advantage.
birds started diving on bait shortly after we got there. Made the best cast I could with the wind to my back right. Grabbed it 3 times on the first cast 2nd cast hooked up on the first strip.

Wife had no idea what was going on as she looked for rocks on the beach. Finally got her attention to lend a helping hand if needed. After landing it she says she wants to catch one. She knows very little about fishing and didn't want a crash course in throwing a fly. So I run (as best I could in neoprene chest waders) back to the truck to grab a gear rod and a green/white Clarks spoon. Birds were just about gone when I made it back. She made a couple casts with no luck.

Using floating line, 10' 15lb leader and 6 second count down.

Man, that's great! I was thinking about that very spot actually and wondering what the odds would be there. There's a good kelp bed off the point, at least in the summer. I kinda grew up in that bay but really only fished the point for lings and rock fish when I was a kid.

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