Clint F

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keep practicing you will enjoy it. it is a good time and lots to learn on the side. the way I have been running them is my favorite way so far. so much to learn smaller groups willing to discuss outings, pictures, and lots of good tying style discussions and ideas come up. get a pattern down and jump in the next swap. clousers are good and so many ways to tie them, colors, size, materials. I honestly think I fish a clouser the most. only thing that changes from cutthroat to migrating coho is size for me.

TJ Fisher

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Thank you. Guessing at the weight I would say between 5 and 6 pounds, but I'm not good at guessing. 36 1/2" largest fish to date landed on a fly rod.

Scouting has really played a big part of this fish and some luck, the high tide and it just happened to be moving in the right direction. Had a few spectators that were on their way out trolling. Initial run took me just to the backing with several jumps clear out of the water. Thought for sure I was going to have the hook flying at me.

As quick as it ran out it, it turned and came charging back in. Once it was back to the beach it was about played out and was able to tail it after seeing it was a hatchery fish.

The 400 miles I put on my truck scouting this spot really paid off today.

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