FS/T Guideline Spey outfit fs or trade

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6690EB06-158C-4FA9-BD79-C878B435AA5C.jpeg 19E84429-DB9E-4D53-89C5-EE3E622C1037.jpeg DBC45FD6-FE81-45B3-8070-9DE2A8854C23.jpeg BB2B4CD1-4821-4C63-B607-68BDFC72AD74.jpeg I have up for grabs a fantastic 12.5ft guideline lpxe 7/8. I would say fishes more like a 7. With a skagit max 500gr. Rage 420gr. Both used only a couple days on the water and like new. Also a rio tip wallet loaded with a few mow tips and poly leaders. I will throw in a greys grxi 9/11 reel with running line and the rage loaded on it. Last time out grande ronde steelhead was caught so it has mojo. Asking $350 shipped for all. If you think I’m out of line send me a offer. I can get more photos also

I am looking to get geared up for Belize flats trip. So I will accept 4 piece 9’ 8,9,10wts. Saltwater lines, reels etc for possible full or partial trade. Let me know. Thanks


I have several outfits that you may be interested in trading for. I will put a list together this evening if you have not found anything yet. Would you consider any two piece rods?
No two piece rods for me. 4 piece is easier to travel with by plane. Put a list together and let me know
I have the following:
Cabela’s LST 9’ 4 pc 8 wgt with a matching RLS reel and 8 wgt line. Never fished
A Diamondback 9’ 6” 3 piece 8 wgt rod - like new.
A Diamondback 9’ 6” 3 piece 9 wgt rod - like new
Both of the above have cordura tubes - one original, one not
An Elkhorn 9’ 4 piece 8 wgt rod with matching lined Elkhorn reel. Only fished once or twice.
I have a Fenwick Large Size Nighthawk Large Arbor Reel. It has 6 wgt line on it but I will respool it with 8 wgt line. You can use it with the any of the rods above.
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