NFR The irony of watching the Olympics...


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Watching Ben Ferguson from Bend killing it on the men’s half pipe. His first run started with the biggest air fakie I’ve ever seen. Pure awesomeness.

Then they did a brief bio on him and showed him land a nice 16” trout on a fly rod. I’m ignoring the bobber part....

Not much in life is as pure as the olympics.
Yes, that was cool! Wow the qualifying halfpipe were exciting! And yes, that was so cool about Ferguson fly fishing. That Hirano guy is amazing too.

Rob Allen

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View attachment 162386 I DVR everything on the Olympics (but fast forward through the curling and the luge.) As a result my own workouts have suffered these past few days as I’ve been parked on the sofa watching for hours. My Vivofit tracker is registering only an average of a mere 3,000 steps a day.

Anyone else watching?

Nope haven't watched a second of the games. However i did watch the 1980 hockey game America vs Russia. The other day.
One of the greatest monents in American nay human history.

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They don't hold the interest that they used to. So I'm not watching them. I like watching the down hill and the bobsledding but that's not on yet. Not interested in curling.


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Since there's so much offered on television these days, you know 45 minutes of commercials in an hour program..... seriously though, bits and pieces of the Olympics for me. I watched part of the women's halfpipe. Wow! Those women have no fear, Chloe Kim rocks! And then I watched part of the men's halfpipe: so much air! The men and women (kids?) that train and compete are gifted. Incredible athletes.


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Didn't think to DVR any of the Olympics, so we've been watching in real time whatever is on between about 7:00 and 10:00. Men's half pipe last night was really impressive. The women's on Sunday was tempered some by the high wind gusts. Snowboarders are certifiably crazy with the death wish stunts they perform. Snowboard and ski events are a lot more visually captivating throughout than, say, the dynamic tension of watching yet another perfectly executed triple axel in figure skating. NTTAWW figure skating. Haven't seen any curling yet this week. Is it true you have to drink cheap beer while watching - or participating in - curling?