Hardy Cascapedia - What size for a 7 weight spey?

Its an up locking reel seat. Its a 13 foot 7 weigh orvis clearwater. I will have to see how well it is balanced with my 10 wt Redington Behemoth. Thats what I currently use on it but never worried much about balance.

So I guess it "sounds" like the hardy 8-9 or the loop 5-8 would work out ok. I'm gonna try to find these local so I can take a look at them in person.
Good luck!


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So I did locate a Cascapedia MKIII (Made in England, not Korea) 8/9 which is claimed to be brand new. Comes with box paperwork and case.

EDIT - well.....I just bought it! Oh man oh man... Like Christmas Eve. From everything I have found, the Alnwick reels bring a much higher dollar than the Korean made ones. So I think the price was fair.
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