It is time for me to reload

I bought mine from a local dealer here in Missoula.

However, you can order Aires online thru the various retailers like Outdoor Play or Cascade River Gear or even at Most online retailers will give you 10% off a frame and accessories if you a raft buy online. Shipping is either free or could be up to $150.

Or call the Aire factory and they will take care of you.

Down River Equipment out of Colorado sells package deals with their frames that are pretty sweet. I'd give them a look and see what they charge to ship the entire setup.
Don’t buy from outdoor play. I used to work there and the owner is a sleezebag.


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Thanks for the input - its very helpful - where can a trout bum pick one of these up? I don't think you said that anywhere.
If you buy directly through Aire, you have the option of specifying which floor type you want:

Beginning in 2017, Aire started using a new fabric that’s supposed to be just as tough, but lighter:

I’m not positive, but you might also be able to customize the number of d-rings and handles. If you aren’t going to have to portage much, consider eliminating handles as fly lines tend to catch on them.

I’ll defer to Capn Chicken Man since he owns one.


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Another great source for custom raft frames is:

Barney Conrad’s
753 Rock Creek Rd
Clinton, Montana 59825
(406) 825-2008

They’ve had some website problems recently - looks like it’s down tonight.


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If money isn’t an issue I 100% recommend a Maravia. Mine is a ‘93 and still going strong. Mine is a new wave 13’. It’s got slightly smaller tubes which is great when it gets windy but can still run 3 people for a 5 day 70 mile floatvwith ease. The smaller tubes also make it easier to get in and out of which is an issue with a raft. Most rafts seem to be built for class 4s but honestly how many Fishing rivers have one of those.

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I’ve have had ever puma made and sold everyone. I like the one mentioned above or my favorite company is Sotar. Light weight and tough as nails. I use to beat them up weekly guiding 80 miles floats in remote alaska. Pumas are heaven and to me row horrible, they are also skinny boats so storage because an issue. Good luck
Another vote for the AIRE Super Puma or Super Duper Puma.

I had 2 Super Pumas for over 15 years. I used it primarily for day trips on the Yak, Montana Rivers and the Elk River and whitewater rafting. It would be fine for an overnite trip with 2 anglers, but, the Super Duper Puma would be better for overnight trips. The Super Puma is designed to be maneuverable and easy to handle in many situations, but, you do lose some room in the boat compared to the AIRE 130d. There were definitely times I was jealous of rafts with more room. It all depends on if you want a slightly smaller boat that is more maneuverable, or if you prefer a little more space. Can't go wrong with either boat really.

If interested I would scan the classifieds and call AIRE directly. They are great to work with and will know of boats out there for sale.

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