WTB Steelhead Net

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7x Puget Sound Steelhead Guide of the Year
I'm catching too many fish these days and I'm tired of getting my sleeves wet tailing all these chromers. Looking for a net that is fish friendly. Let me know what you have.

Phil Fravel

Yes a very large collapsible net that could be folded up and put into a pocket. Kind of like a wading staff that you could wear on your belt behind you and only take out when needed. I would like one also


I've got em jumping outta the drink just looking at me. It's not even fun anymore. Got a pretty nice Fisknat SJ guide net. Walnut/ash handle- clear bag. Long enough for a two handed rod but not too long to wade with. I think it's 40" in length. $95 shipped-$via pp
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Golfman, I have a Loki net at home which are great nets. It's brand new, never used and salmon/steelhead sized with special net that has no knots and removes less slime than rubber nets. PM me for more details if interested.
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