FS Tube Fly Vise W/Petitjean Tools

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E1A69FA9-3C87-4796-B591-93BC221A2C67.jpeg EB405FBD-6576-4CFB-8A13-CCBBB1B0D2B3.jpeg FS Stanfo Tube Flying Vise with Petitjean Tools.
The Stanfo Vise is a Beautiful Vise that includes three different bushings with five different sized pins that will accommodate almost any tube.

The Petitjean Tools include a Loop Scissors, Small Curved Tip Scissors, and a Self Threading Bobbin. $80.00

Everything offered is in mint condition. The price for both is $150.00


Interested in the vise by itself. So if $150 for all and $80 for tools, then vise is $70? Just verifying. I want to get the vise. Thanks
Mike D. PM sent
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