South Fork Flathead

Jim Corsetti

H20 - the elixir of life
I used Spotted Bear. Great trip, gin clear water, hungry cutthroat. Bring your dries, lots of 'em. Elk Hair caddis, parachute adams, stimmies, dynamite. This is a trip I can't wait to do again someday. Bring sturdy wading boots, those rocks take their toll on your feet.
Thanks for the feedback Jim. I hiked in about 7 years ago over Youngs pass to the confluence, day hiked and fished for several days. Only made it downriver past spotted bear ranger station, really looking forward to seeing more of the river and beautiful country that surrounds it.
802.... I booked with Jake several weeks ago. As per your post he was both very informative and accommodating, and the flat fee per animal cut out all the complications of determining the final price compared to the somewhat more convoluted pricing structures of other outfitters I spoke with. Is it July yet...

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