NFR Don't smoke and fill a garbage can with gas in your back seat.


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Two things:
And people always wonder why Oregon required attendants at all their gas stations.It was after a couple of incidents like this and,
With that load in the trunk,they probably got the whole town of Moses Lake wasted,ya think?


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Back a decade or two ago.....can’t remember. But it was basically the Broadview area near cemetery . Two guys working on their motorcycles in the garage and cleaning parts with mineral spirits and gaseoline.....And smoking cigarettes at same time. Freaking house got burned down. They were okay but never occurred to them ( according to report) that smoking and cleaning with high flammable liquids could result in Fire! The one dude was a former neighbor of mine while I was in high school. Didn’t surprise me that much after finding out. N

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We drove by that and wondered what happened....
Isnt that between the huge soccer field/campground and the Harley motorcycle clubhouse with camp trailers for rent?

I drive by there on my way to visit my severely handicapped cousin 6 or 7 times per year. usually after visiting Dutch Bros Coffee stand in Moses

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I actually feel bad for that gas stations owners. There has been shootings outside, stabbings, break in's and people driving physically into it. Now they can't sell gas for awhile as the pumps are gone...

Unfortunately gas stations don't make money on gas, they are dictated on price so there is no margin. The local guy says he will make about $1 for $100 sold and has so many rules it not worth the hassle. My mom worked at Exxon(during the spill in Ak) and one of her jobs was to call up the stores and tell them the price for the day or week and was all based on medium income for the city or county, Bellevue pays more than Mosses lake. Talk about a racket, worse than cable companies!

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