NFR Don't smoke and fill a garbage can with gas in your back seat.


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Two things:
And people always wonder why Oregon required attendants at all their gas stations.It was after a couple of incidents like this and,
With that load in the trunk,they probably got the whole town of Moses Lake wasted,ya think?
Well, yeah that, plus gasoline contains carcinogens that can be (are) absorbed through the skin.

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nice campground, shady trees, flush toilets, grass to pitch tent on, hot showers.

I have always wanted to stay there but it is run by the city and they require a 2 night stay on weekends, so i usually stay at a motel in soap lake or moses lake.
few years ago we had some Squids driving around town in a motorhome stealing gas. they had cut a hatch in the floor and would pull up over the inground tanks at gas stations in the middle of the night. they would then drill a hole through the tanks cap and pump the gas into a massive plastic holding tank inside the motorhome. until the furnace inside the motorhome fired up. KABOOM

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