FS Good fly lines ,, clearout price

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All lines are sold
thanks. .. we moved inland .. have a few heavier lines will not be needing
Perhaps someone cane use them
--s.a mastery wet tip clear 8wfi.. clear tip green body 2.ips loop end .. 18.00 used 2 times excellent cond. 17.95
- orvis wf8f striper , melon color . Used once -20.00
-ll bean , s.a.line ...wf8f green striper 20.00. Also used once in like new cond
- orvis gen III wonderline class 2. 7wt sink tip. 10.00. Used but good
S.a. Sonar wf9i On reel .. used once ,like new , 35.00. Sold
444 sl. 7wfs. 10.00 - used but good
Shipping is 3.99 PayPal.


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Jeff Dodd

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Is this line still available?

-ll bean , s.a.line ...wf8f green striper 20.00.

If so, I would like to buy it
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